Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where to Start

For months I have had great inspiration for ideas I would like to share. The only thing stopping me? That initial post. Something to get myself off the ground. Then tonight I started making cookie dough for the annual cookie baking marathon that begins tomorrow and inspiration beckoned. As the mother of a severly nut allergic daughter, all things food require thought and a bit of creativity. The usual round of Christmas cookies are not what they used to be. Recipes filled with almond extract, chopped nuts and peanut butter. Last year we dropped all things nut related.

No peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kisses
No pressed cookies with the almond flavoring
and definitely no mexican wedding cookies with the chopped walnuts.

This year is the time for creativity, I re-thought peanut butter cookies into sunbutter cookies, the dough (YUM!) The chocolate hazelnut cookies, chocolate peppermint dipped in chocolate and crushed candy canes. And the mexican wedding cakes are going to be re-imagined into cookies dipped in powder sugar mixed with crushed raspberry candies.

I am a mom of 3. A mom of multiples. A mom that works crazy hours from home for a national financial company. A mom that loves to craft and moonlights on Etsy (both selling and SHOPPING). A mom that appreciates the small moments in life. A mom that appreciates her friends and family. A mom dealing with creating a nut free home and doing my best to make sure my daughter lives a normal life.

I hope to share with you a glimpse into all those things and learn from your experiences too. I look forward to comments. Any great nut-free Christmas cookies recipes? Share them here!